The Manchurian Crisis

In History, our teacher Lenny, left us an assignment in her blog. We had to watch a video and then answer some questions.

1- The vídeo open showing images and short vídeos of Poland, and starts to talk about the League, it said that the League had been struggling for the past years and the 1930’s was when it collapsed, and this had to do with Poland because the first cause that made the League weak was the Manchurian crisis, in Poland.

2- the problema that Japan was facing were: the population was booming with more than 1 million mouths to eat every year. It had NO natural resources of its own to exploit. Unemoloyment was very high and agricultura was in a hard position.

3-  The army was highly important more than política and comoulsary military service was a t a very young age, their whole educación was based on military service.

4- The army leaders thought Japan needed to expand. They had already taken Korea and they wanted Manchuria.

5-  Manchuria was rich in resources that Japan despereatly needed, because of its issue with resources.

6-  At Mudken Japan’s workers exploaded a mountain which led to a huge accidente.

7-   China apelled to the League and the League consultes to the japanesse embassador who said that his army would withdraw.

8- But the army actually atacked and soon had control over tje whole province of Manchuria.



Creative Ideas for my Booktube…

In our language class, Dani, asked us if we could go to her blog and check on a web page for booktubes, for us to get ideas on what to do for our booktubes.

From 5 booktubes we had yo choose 3 that we really liked form the web page:

The first booktube i chose was «Boys are better in Books than in real life» i really liked the idea she had of creating a song, although the subject for my taste is tu subjective and superficial.

The second booktube i chose was «i am presidente Snow» which is a man that talla a boit The Hunger Games’ book. I really likes the way he expresses his ideas and his enthusiasm for tje booktube, although he sometimes talked to fast and i got lost.

The third booktube that i liked was «top 5 booktube i like the most» because the girls take their favourite parts and explain why they liked those specific parts.