Online test. Language

In our language test we had to do an assignment which consisted of watching a trailer in Pilar’s blog and then create a report based on the facts presented on the video.

this was the assignment were you can also find the video.

BANK ROBBERY: different bands attack the same bank.

Yesterday the main bank of Venice, in Spain, was attacked by multiple groups at the same time, while the police was out in the main doors and surrounding the building. People who were at the bank became hostages of the robbers inside. The police are still trying today to arrest the guilty groups who killed or who have been trying to  steal the money, but the press has not yet been informed with any conclusion or event since today morning if this mass event.

The robbers came in directly through the main doors with masks on and also some from the back door. People were thrown to the ground and told to stay quiet and still because if they didn’t they would be killed in the act. Further on, during the afternoon we found out by an insider in the bank that the bankers are also involved in the robbery themselves and during the night a group appeared through the roof and tried to steal the money cutting the roof of the vault in which the money was packed in bags. Now they are all in the same bank trying to steal the same money and we yet haven’t heard if they were able to take the people who have been taking part in this burglary.

Today morning the police were able to take 3 hostages out of the bank but as a consequence 2 people were killed by the robbers.The FBI has been involved in this situation and the SWAT team also, they have been creating tactics to be able to do something with no harm coming to anyone. Robbers and bankers have both tried to negotiate a way out of the bank and threatened to kill more hostages if what they are asking for isn’t provided.

Families have been praying for their family members to come out safely and in no harm, they have helped also the people whose families have been killed inside. And testimonies of people are coming up to the web every minute that passes. The 3 people who have been taken out have given testimonies of the people inside and their situations but they haven’t been able to talk to the press because of how traumatising this event was for them.