Reported Speech Quotes

In our language class our teacher gave out an assignment which consisted of creating a poster whith quotes of famous people and report them.


Reported Speech:

  1. Mahatma Gandhi said that happiness was when what you thought what you said and what you did where in harmony
  2. Mahatma Gandhi said that his life was his message
  3. Mahatma Gandhi said that where there is love there is life

Holocaust Museum

In our history class, with our teacher Lenny Ambrosini, were studying Nazi Germany, and we visited a Museum: ‘Museo del Holocausto». In this Museum we watched a document in which a survivor retells his experience in a concentration Camp. After watching the document we were given a tour by a Lady who taught us diferentes facts about what the jewish were forbidden to do and how they were treated during Hitler’s dictatorship. Here are some pictures:






I was unfortunatly ill when we had a Talk with a history teacher about his trips to concentration camps.