Respiratory System

In our Biology class today (7/6) we had to do an activity:


  1. look for a picture that shows the structure of the respiratory system
  2. Use a flowchart to show the pathway of air along the respiratory tract
  3. Breathing movements:  search a video which shows the structures involved in breathing.




Short story on tension and fear


Un our language class we where assigned to create a piece of writing with short phrases to create suspense and tension. I created It with Milagros Montanelli.

Piece of writing:

Suddenly I saw it. It was staring at me. It was late at night. There was nobody there, just me. I wanted to run. I couldn’t move at all. On spur of moment, It came closer. I couldn’t stop thinking – I have to get out from here! I panicked and all of a sudden I was running through the woods. I could notice it behind me. I tripped over a root and I fell. I wanted to get up, but my body wouldn’t. Without warning, a sort of hand grabbed my foot. It started dragging me over the dirt. I was thinking – I won’t get away from here alive!…..