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In Writing and Oral for the closure of our term test, we has to create a booktube on our lending library.

This is the booktube I created:

Reviews I found:

Mariana MaidouDonna Leon is not an Agatha Christi’s style writer. You won’t find an explanation at the end by the great detective to the crowd of innocents and guilties. It has got allusive style.

Pat Hansbury: I’ve read at least a half dozen of her books. They are so specific to Venice – naming restaurants, streets, vaporetti, etc. If you know the city, you can picture exactly where he is. The main character of her books is not Brunetti, but Venice itself.

Katy: I have now read six of these mysteries. They are among the finest mystery novels I have ever read, sparkling with intelligence as well as a sensitive understanding of human nature.

Texas mass murder

Texas mass murder suspect collapses in court as crime recounted:

The article.

Summary: Ronald Lee Haskell, 33 was accused of murdering six members of his former’s wife family. His public defender, said he had been in and out of hospitals in Utah and California with a history of mental illness and that he was not taking prescribed medication at the time of the killings. Only one girl survived, Cassidy, she survived a gunshot to the head.


gunshot: the bulletes fired from a gun.

attire: the clothes that someone is wearing in this case jail clothes.

Prosecutor: a lawyer whose job is to prove in court that someone accused of a crime is guilty.


The Abyssinia Crisis

In our history class, Lenny left an assignment in her blog. We had to:

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

( )

  1. WHAT WAS THE ITALIAN EMPIRE LIKE BY 1930? The Italian Empire in comparisson to Britain and France was insignificant, there was Libia But oil had not been discovered yet.
  2. HOW DID SENATOR GIORGIO PISANO EXPLAIN ITALY’S ATTITUDE FOR CONQUEST? Mussolini needed raw material, mines, and also land for Italy’s increasing population they needed land for the people across the waters and that is why the wanted to conquer Abyssinia.
  3. WHAT IS ABYSSINIA TODAY? WHAT WAS THE SITUATION BY 1930? Abyssinia today is Ethiopia which at the moment was poor and it practised salvery.
  4. WHAT EXCUSE DID MUSSOLINI HAVE TO CONQUER ABYSSINIA?  His excuse was that he needed territory to expand the empire
  5. WHAT WAS THE ROLE OF FRANCE AND GREAT BRITAIN IN ITALY’S INVASION? France by 1935 had already given consent but Britain remained ambiguous for months.
  6. WHAT EVIDENCE DOES MUSSOLINI’S DAUGHTER PROVIDE? Her daughter went to London. She asked if they would go tonwsr, they said no but that they would take actions.
  7. WHAT DID YOUNG SOLDIERS BELIEVE WAS THEIR DUTY TOWARDS ITALY? Young soldoers believed they should take part in the expansion to Ethiopia because they believed it was their mission to make italy a great Empire.
  8. WHAT WAS CONTROVERSIAL ABOUT THE USE OF POISON GAS BY THE ITALIANS? What was controversial was that 7 years before they had ratified in a convention that poison gas was uncivilized.
  9. WHAT DID THE LEAGUE DECIDE TO DO? HOW EFFECTIVE WERE THOSE MEASURES? The Leagues actions where to impose limited sanctions to Mussolini but nobody wanted military sanctions to make Italy withdraw. People in Italy felt hurt and considered the sanctions unfair and an obstacle in their rebuolding plans.
  10. HOW DID ORDINARY PEOPLE REACT TO TO SANCTIONS? Followers to the queen’s example handed their rings

1AC2015: Repasamos El Recorrido

En clase de tecnología, con Mariana Massiggoge, estamos realizando un proyecto en el cual creamos un nuevo snack saludable. La actividad de hoy fue escribir el relato del recorrido de este preciso proyecto. Este fue el relato que cree.

Recorrido Del Proyecto:

Este año en tecnología comenzamos a investigar al principio que eran los procesos industriales, nos separamos en grupos (5) y comenzamos a investigar. Todos comenzamos a tomar cada vez mas interés en este nuevo proyecto. Cuando ya habiamos terminado de conocer todo lo posible sobre los procesos industriales, cada grupo creo una presentacion sobre que rubro iba a representar en un nuevo proyecto «Snack Saludables», todos nos emocionamos al conocer sobre este nuevo proyecto vinculado al anterior y comenzamos a trabajar con todas nuestras pilas.

Los rubros fueron: textiles, construcción, alimentos, equipamiento y servicio. El grupo de textil se organizó y comenzó a trabajar con los delantales para la gente que estaría en el stand vendiendo. El grupo de construccion planifico el stand en el cual se vendería el producto (el snack saludable). El grupo de Alimentos, en el cual yo participo, se organizó para crear un nuevo snack saludable y el que creo fue frutas deshidratadas. El grupo de equipamiento fue el encargado de crear la maquina que deshidrataria. Y finalmente el grupo de servicio creó una pagina en la cual darán consejos de como aprovechar a pleno las frutas.

Los momentos que mas me gustaron de este proyecto son, haber podido hacer una presentacion sobre que sería lo que me gustaría hacer y haber podido lograr el que nos gustaba (alimentos), haber creado maquetas y que cada vez hay mas cosas nuevas por ver e investigar en este proyecto, es más, descubrí, al investigar, que hay una maquina solar para disecar frutas, tambien que las frutas deshidratadas pueden ser conservadas por más tiempo que una fruta normal y conservan de la misma manera los nutrientes que cada fruta contiene. De todas maneras hay muchas veces que cosas me traban, hay veces que no encuentro la información que necesito y no puedo continuar con otros pasos, por asi decir, y me quedo trabada, claro que siempre me interesa resolverlo para poder seguir adelante.

Para poder seguir adelante descartaría la inseguridad de que todo me sale mal. Y fialmente me parece que el cierre e este proyecto debería ser importante, es la primera vez que realizamos un proyecto tan grande e interesante de todos, y me gustaría poder cerrarlo de una manera en la cual todos podrían decidir si les gusto o no el proyecto. Tanto los profesores, si les gusto o no el proyecto y haber trabajado con nosotros, los alumnos que creamos este proyecto, si nos gusto haberlo hecho, y los que nos compren el producto si esta bueno.

Lo que me gusta es que todos participamos y nos prendamos con este proyecto porque es algo que estamos aprendiendo a hacer en equipo y




The Prision by Bernard Malamud

In our last classes of Litearature, with our teacher Pato Chujman, we started reading a short story called «The Prision» by Bernard Malamud.

First: We searched on the internet about the writer (Bernard).

Second: We analysed the story all together while reading it and when we finished reading it.

Here is the presentation: