Creative Ideas for my Booktube…

In our language class, Dani, asked us if we could go to her blog and check on a web page for booktubes, for us to get ideas on what to do for our booktubes.

From 5 booktubes we had yo choose 3 that we really liked form the web page:

The first booktube i chose was «Boys are better in Books than in real life» i really liked the idea she had of creating a song, although the subject for my taste is tu subjective and superficial.

The second booktube i chose was «i am presidente Snow» which is a man that talla a boit The Hunger Games’ book. I really likes the way he expresses his ideas and his enthusiasm for tje booktube, although he sometimes talked to fast and i got lost.

The third booktube that i liked was «top 5 booktube i like the most» because the girls take their favourite parts and explain why they liked those specific parts.

Name Chain

With our teacher Daniela Barra, in Writing & Oral, we played a game on our first class called Name Chain.

The game started with someone going up to the board and she/he writed their name and said something about him/her, what he liked, disliked or anything, and if another person felt the same thing she/he had to stand up and write their name and say another thing besides the thing that the other person had already said. The objective was to lern new things that we might didn’t know about our classmates.

I really liked that we got to learn new things about our partners, because there were many things i didn’t know about…

I learnt from, Benjamín Mayol, that he likes to sleep a lot. And i also learnt from Rosario Segura that she likes music, specially Justin Bieber.


Boxing Day Tsunami

In our Writing skills class, we were asked to create 2 different types of reports on the Tsunami of Indonesia in 2004.


The first report:

Indonesia Devastating Tsunami

Today is the anniversary of the terrible Tsunami of Indonesia. 10 years have already passed since that horrible happening, and we haven’t yet forgotten it. The event was horrible and left people marked forever, stained by this devastating event.this day we commemorate all those who lost their lives to this natural disaster.


The tsunami razed with the city of Indonesia and much of the indian ocean. The tsunami was caused by a 9.0 earthquake, killing more than 250,000 people and affecting 18 countries. The earthquake that caused the tsunami was one of the worst ever recorded. A 1,200km section of the earth’s crust shifted beneath the Indian ocean and the earthquake released stored energy equivalent to over more than 23,000 Hiroshima bombs, and this was shocking to many people. 141,000 houses were destroyed leaving a lot of people homeless and starving.


To help everyone, loads of countries and loads of people had donated money and there were events enhanced to fundraise.


The second report:

Dear bloggers, today is the anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami, of Indonesia. I Today wanted to tell you and make you know that I was part of this horrible event, and I want to share with you my story.


I went to Indonesia with my family 10 years ago, I was six years old, we went there on vacation to spend christmas.This was a day after christmas the 26 of December of 2004. After breakfast we went to the beach to find our boat, so we were above a floating dock waiting for someone who would tell us where are boat was. This person took us to our boat and offshore we went. 5 minutes on the boat, that was when we realized that an enormous wave was up ahead. My father started to go as fast as he could towards the wave for us to be able to  pass it over. And we did, we passed through it.


We all relaxed, i had never felt so much adrenaline go through like that all over my body, fear dominated me. And then i started feeling it again, when we saw the second wave, again speeding towards the wave. We were lucky that day, many people died, we didn’t.


Crime Report

In our Writing & Oral class, our teacher, Pilar Pando, requested that we looked for a recent crime report to tell oraly to our classmates on Friday. I found a recent article.

October 1/10/15

Multiple people reportedly dead in shooting at Oregon college:


  • Authorities told Fox News they responded to a report of a shooting Thursday at around 10:38 a.m. local time.
  • The shooter was a 20-year-old male and he is now dead.
  • Mercy Medical Center said in a Facebook posting that it had received nine patients from the shooting and three more were on the way.
  • A Peace Health Sacred Heart Medical Center spokesperson said the hospital had received «six victims,» two females and four males. «One of the females is 18 years old.»
  • A Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson said multiple assets were on site and EMS was on the scene. 
  • The ATF said on Twitter that it had special agents on the scene.
  • Students and faculty members are being bused to the Douglas County Fairgrounds and can be picked up there.

Kortney Moore, 18, told the News-Review she was in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when a shot came through the window. Moore said she saw her teacher get shot in the head. The shooter then reportedly told the students to get on the ground before asking people to stand up and state their religion. He then began firing. Moore said she was lying on the ground with people who had been shot.

This is an image of the university.

This is a video of a witness:



Witness: To see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception, example: to witness an accident.

Reportedly: According to report or a rumor.

Spokesperson: A person who speaks for another or for a group.